The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

When I started reading The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. He had started going to school, He had wanted to started a family and he had a son that was like him and then they named the little baby after his dad so that is why I think that he was going to school so he would help his family out and when his son gets up to the age that his dad and moms age then he could start a family to and then their son could be just like his dad and mom so that is why I think that Vlad had the right to going out and party before he think of having a family that I think that the story that I read about Vlad had the right mind to think that he was going to stared a family with a girl that he only knew for the party that he went to and then the girl that he meet at the party was looking at him and he started to look back at her and then that is when they started talking to each other and  when I read the last page of the book I thought to my self he would ask her out to the next party that they have and then she would ask him out and I think that he would be a good father to his son and a good husband to his wife and that is what I would do if I was in his shoes and had a family.